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Company Information

We are a company established in 2017 for the purpose of investment.

Currently, we are investing mainly in Korean companies during the startup and seed stages. Although we are in the position of an investor, we always think from the founder’s point of view and try to make a WINWIN investment.

Our representative director Wan Rim has been investing in a wide range of start-up companies by leveraging his experience and knowledge in various fields such as Korea, Japan, USA and Germany. We do not invest excessively in a short period of time. We provide the knowledge and network we have with ourselves while giving advice to the founder, working with the companies as closely as possible. “The true pleasure of this job is being able to feel and realize the growth together”, says Wan Rim. There is a company that we have been investing for 19 years since its inception. Although the company has not yet been listed, our team continues to support the company in the same way as it always did, and will continue working in anticipation of the listing in the near future.

Along with the joining of WINDELIGHT (Japan) in 2018, our company recruited Director Sano, who is well-versed in the fields of healthcare and robotics in Japan. We are strengthening networks not only within South Korea but also with Japanese companies, expanding activities based on East Asia and Southeast Asia.


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